• The Exquisite Collection The Exquisite Collection THE EXQUISITE COLLECTION The rich and vivid colours of rare gemstones from around the world are the stars in this collection of fresh, modern and vibrantly beautiful pieces. DISCOVER THE EXQUISITE COLLECTION
  • The Gala Collection The Gala Collection GALA Stars in the night sky, a feeling of happiness exhaled, possibility on the horizon. The pieces sway with your body and reflect the moon lit night. DISCOVER THE FLAWLESS DIAMOND COLLECTION
  • The Light Collection The Light Collection LIGHT Within the light I can see life, growing, building, reproducing, but it is in the dark where shadows play that the whispers of life find their way. DISCOVER THE FLAWLESS DIAMOND COLLECTION
  • The Texture Collection The Texture Collection UNHEATED RUBY The clarity and radiant color of the Unheated Ruby together with Kat Florence's signature designs are accented with world class D Flawless Diamonds. DISCOVER THE EXCLUSIVITY OF KAT FLORENCE
  • The Resort Collection The Resort Collection TANZANIAN TSAVORITE Discoverd in the highlands of the Komolo Mountains this one time deposit is the only known collection of Tanzanian Tsavorite in the world. DISCOVER THE RAREST JEWELS IN THE WORLD
  • Inspired by Nature

From the atoms, to the rivers, to the leaves – we are all connected through nature.
That‘s my highest source of inspiration.Kat Florence

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