Fearless design for flawless jewels.



Kat’s unorthodox route into the world of fine jewellery came when she helped to design sets for a show about gem hunting. She became enthralled by the beauty of the spectacular rough jewels and was particularly drawn to one rare Colombian emerald. She instinctively knew how it should be cut to reveal its flawless heart and her inspired designs were used to transform the precious raw stone into a glitteringly perfect jewel.


I focus on creating dynamic, sexy, gorgeously feminine pieces for modern women.



Kat fearlessly challenges tradition and never allows it to dictate the size, design or cut of a stone. Instead she uses her flair for design to perfectly reveal the innate beauty of each individual stone. Kat marries this natural talent with expertise learned from the masters of both classical and cutting-edge gemmology. She is intimately involved in every stage of creating a piece from sourcing stones to working with her team of skilled gem cutters and setters to turn the finest rare jewels into modern, bold and vibrant jewellery.


I am hands-on at every stage of each piece I create, from the promise of a rare stone to the perfection of the finished jewel.



Kat is a self-confessed perfectionist and ensures that only the rarest, most stunning stones are sourced from around the world. Each gem and precious metal is chosen to create the perfect blend of materials and every jewel is cut and set to bring out its natural beauty. Kat works with her team of skilled craftsmen to constantly find ways to push the boundaries of the ancient art of fine jewellery, creating vibrant, vivid and original designs that showcase the timeless beauty of flawless gems.

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