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Kat Florence is dedicated to taking the road less travelled to unearth the rarest, most spectacular, flawless gems.
Every Kat Florence piece starts with the rarest and most spectacular jewels. From Kashmir Sapphire to Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline, to the luminous Australian Lightening Ridge Black Opal, our gems are like no others. Chosen for rarity, but also their matchless beauty and quality, Kat Florence jewels are all exceptional. This is because we individually source the finest, most unique stones from around the world, relying on a team of skilled gem hunters who can ‘read the rough’ to spot the natural beauty hidden within raw stones.
Every jewel I work with is rare in its own way, whether it’s due to the size, the clarity or the colour, there’s something uniquely special about each one.
South East Asia has a rich history of gem hunting and Thailand is particularly famous for its spectacular sapphires, earning itself the title of Sapphire Capital of the World. It is here that you can find the rare and precious Imperial Yellow Sapphire, which sparkles with fire bright yellow and rich orange hues. Kat has used this exceptional stone to craft truly beautiful pieces that perfectly express its rare natural beauty.
The golden yellow colour of Thailand’s Imperial Sapphires is something you just can’t find anywhere else.
Kat Florence has a personal attachment to Tanzania, as it is both the first country where she brokered a gem deal with the local Maasai warriors, but also home to one of the first rare gems she worked with, a spectacular deep navy Tanzanite.
This African nation is the source of a myriad of rainbow-hued precious jewels, from the incredibly rare bright yellow and soft pink variations of Tanzanite, to vivid aquamarine Tourmaline and rich green Tsavorites. This kaleidoscope of unique gems add flashes and pops of colour to Kat’s bold and daring designs.
The beauty of Tanzania will always be special to me as this is where I went on my first ever gem hunt.
Turkey is the only place in the world where you can find Zultanite. This stunning gem has an unusual colouration that mixes lime greens hues with pale rose pinks. Because of its remarkable appearance this gem is highly sought after, but it is a challenging stone to work with as it’s very hard to cut. Ever brave and uncompromising Kat Florence cuts it for gem quality to enhance this spectacular jewel’s rare beauty.
Zultanite is a fascinating gem as its colours shift with the light, so it can look completely different in sunlight and by candlelight.
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