Kat Florence Foundation Kat Florence Foundation The Kat Florence Foundation As a former teacher Kat has dedicated her foundation to creating environments that encourage learning to help children achieve their dreams.
  • Our latest project is finished!


  1. Building the new school
  2. Building the new school
  3. Building the new school
  4. Building the new school
  5. Building the new school
  6. Building the new school
Our Nepali school development. The entire community played a role in making this happen!

  • Education video
Kat Florence gives me the opportunity to give back in a bigger way than I ever imagined!
  • Why education matters to Kat

    Kat has a Masters in Education and worked for 10 years teaching using the Reggio Emilia approach. This innovative method is based around the belief that the environment in which children are taught is like a third teacher in the room. This appealed to Kat’s artistic, creative nature and during her time in the classroom she came to understand how vital it is to create an inspiring space that encourages learning.

    The Kat Florence Foundation reflects her personal passion to help children around the world to gain access to inspiring education.

  • Kids in school
  • School renovation
  • Repairing devastation in Nepal

    Kat regularly visits Nepal on climbing trips, but when she returned after the earthquake in 2015 she was shocked by the devastation she saw in the city of Pokhara near the Annapurna Mountain Range, particularly the ruins of the local school. She saw children sitting on rocks being taught under a roof held up by bamboo poles.

    As a former educator, she couldn’t just look the other way. Instead she began to think of ways The Kat Florence Foundation could help to rebuild the school and provide the children of Pokhara with a safe place to learn.

It is impossible to learn when you do not feel safe.
  • Supporting a Drop of Life

    To get the project off the ground Kat found a partner with connections to the local community that she could trust to get things moving. A Drop of Life is a non-profit organisation which has been working to provide safe and clean water in the region for the last 18 years.

    Kat persuaded Drop of Life to take on a different kind of project and work alongside her to help rebuild the school in Pokhara. Her ambition from the outset was to be able to create a safe and beautiful environment where children would flourish.

  • School before construction
It felt like such a personal effort to reach to individuals in a community in such an impactful way.Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Dedication makes a positive change

    Kat shared her dreams to rebuild the school with actress Sarah Jessica Parker. She was equally moved by the plight of the children in Pokhara and the pair came up with a way to use the natural beauty of Kat’s jewels to help repair the damage wrought by natural disaster in Nepal. Earlier this year they hosted a glittering charity auction in Hong Kong to sell off some many spectacular jewels to raise funds to help cover the cost of rebuilding the school.

  • The gift of education

    Kat Florence commitment doesn’t end there, it will also maintain the school to ensure it remains a beautiful and inspiring place where many generations of children can learn and discover their full potential. This project is the first, but Kat’s determination to help children around the world get receive the education they deserve, means it is just the beginning of the our story.