Kat Florence Kat Florence Meet Kat Kat Florence sources the most unique, flawless stones, transforming them into dynamic, sensual designs that enhance their natural beauty. GET TO KNOW KAT DISCOVER KAT'S DESIGNS
  • Kat Florence Style

    For Kat, jewellery is about expressing individuality and personality, creating supreme confidence in the wearer. Her pieces are intended to take your breath away every time you catch a glimpse of their glittering perfection. Whether on a big night out, at the gym, walking the dog or just before slipping into bed, these are jewels that cry out to be worn, to fill you with pleasure at every moment of your day. That is Kat Florence style.

You need to feel that moment of desire to own a jewel, to connect with it and know it expresses your unique style and personality.
  • Every jewel tells a story

    Kat’s wonder at the beauty of rare gemstones is the starting point for every piece she creates. For Kat to select a gem it must entrance her with its beauty. This moment of desire, of yearning to experience the unique thrill of possessing a stunning jewel, is what she distills into her designs. Each gem is individually sourced – often by Kat herself and every diamond is of the finest, most perfectly clear D grade. She weaves her style with the individual history of the stone to create vibrant pieces that evoke the stories behind the jewels.

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I want you to feel all the hands that have gone into these pieces, to know that each millimetre of them was considered.
  • A fresh take on fine jewels

    Tradition doesn’t dictate how a Kat Florence piece should look. Instead instinctive design and expertise guide each step on the journey from rough gemstone to glittering jewel. The rarest, most stunning stones are sourced from around the world, each gem and precious metal is selected to create the perfect blend of materials and every jewel is cut and set to enhance its natural brilliance. Kat’s bold and distinctive style is a breath of fresh air, unleashing the beauty of rare jewels in sexy and exuberant pieces. Explore my designs

Working with other creative talents inspires me to take a fresh look at the rare beauty of gemstones.
  • Craftmanship
  • The Kat Florence Foundation

    As a former teacher I am passionate about education. I set up the Kat Florence Foundation to enable me to give something back by helping to teach a new generation of children to be bold, take risks and achieve their full potential. The Foundation’s first project is to work with charity partners to help fund the rebuilding of a school in Nepal following the devastation of the 2015 earthquake. Learn more about the Kat Florence Foundation

It’s important to me to use my success to help give more children the chance to learn the skills they need to pursue their own dreams.