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Who is Kat


Kat Florence


She’s a scientist, a skilled perfectionist and a successful businesswoman, but she’s also a dog lover, a Jiu Jitsu novice with a thirst for travel and fine wine, a risk taker who follows her heart and a hugely creative and talented jewelry designer. She is an eclectic mix of contradictions that add up to an inspirational, undeniably feminine, modern woman.

Brought up in the wide, wild landscapes of Canada, between deep blue oceans and majestic mountain ranges, Kat has nurtured a fascination with the beauty of nature since childhood. Inspired by her surroundings she would create sculptures that captured its vivid detail.

But Kat’s curiosity ran deeper than that and she wanted to understand the complexity that lay behind these natural structures. She studied biology, which gives her a scientist’s eye when it comes to deciphering the true beauty of the gemstones she works with today.

After her studies Kat gained a Masters in Education and travelled to Bangkok to teach at a school using the innovative Reggio Emilia method. This approach was perfect for Kat as it melds the worlds of science and art to help pupils better understand their environment.

It was in Bangkok Kat had the opportunity to design an Emerald piece. She was enthralled by this rough gem and was filled with ideas of how to unfurl its pure beauty. Kat took the risk to begin a new journey.  Here she learned her craft from diamond setters, gold carvers and CAD designers, mastering both the traditional and leading-edge techniques used to work with the finest rare jewels. Drawing on her skill and natural flair to create strikingly beautiful designs, each piece was snapped up, inspiring her to develop her own signature brand – Kat Florence. 

This was a brave move in the highly traditional, male dominated world of fine jewellery, but Kat knew there was a place for her fresh feminine designs. 

Jewellery design is an intimate experience for Kat. She weaves her style with the history of the stone to create unique pieces, for example using motion to reflect the Himalayan homeland of Burmese sapphires.


“There is something intriguing when you look at the fine details of a piece of jewellery – knowing that the diamonds or gemstones are from the earth – for me it is so special to hold and frame the gemstone synonymously with its origin.”
Kat Florence


For Kat to select a gem it must entice her with its beauty. This moment of desire, of yearning to feel, touch and own such rare jewels, is what she captures in her pieces. Each gem is individually sourced – Kat often travels the world to broker deals to ensure her stones are of the finest quality and clarity. Every diamond is of the rarest, most perfectly clear D grade.

Her deeply feminine style illustrates an instinctive understanding for how and why women want to wear fine jewellery, of how choosing the right piece can lift their spirits in a way that makes them feel powerful, desirable and beautiful.

Kat Florence jewels beg to be worn, to glow warm against your skin, to give you a thrill of pleasure every time you see that special ring on your finger or diamond at your throat, just knowing something so perfect is yours.




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