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When you hold a piece of Kat Florence Jewellery in your hand, you can feel the difference, the passion and the craftsman’s art.  When you wear the jewels you can see the brilliance of our cut, the flawless setting, the harmonious design.  When I create a design I always begin with the stone.  I spend time with the stone until I feel I can properly dictate the lines of gold and diamonds that will forever hold the stone in place.  
I love to weave my inspiration with the individual history of the stone to create a vibrant piece that evokes the story of the past as it embraces the beauty of the present moment. The beauty of rare gemstones is the starting point for every piece I create. Each stone is individually sourced by one of my great gem hunters or myself. The stone is then considered and cut if I feel cutting the stone will elicit a greater play of color or brilliance. 
My designs challenge the tradition for keeping stones as large as possible.  Instead I pare these precious stones down to reveal their most precious self. Knowledge is key in maintaining the integrity of such luxurious varieties in the world of gemstones.  My team of master gemstone cutters are instrumental in the planning and cutting of the precious gemstones, combining traditional and cutting-edge techniques used to work with the finest rare jewels. 
Every Diamond I set from the smallest to the largest is D Flawless, the most perfectly white Diamond in the world. I feel the D Flawless Diamond is the most beautiful accent to any gemstone. Years of education combined with my dedication to continued studies, I am strongly committed to artistic growth in the ever evolving world of gemstones and fine jewellery.

As artisans in the craft, an in-depth understanding of the nature and technical intricacies in working with such rare gemstones is required.  Such precision and mastery are imperative in the successful production of fine jewellery. 


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